The North Meets the South

Many of us grow up wishing we would become a Doctor, an Actress, an Astronaut, or even Superman or Superwoman that could leap off tall buildings and save the world!

Well…….then there’s my dream.  Ever since I was a small girl, I couldn’t get enough of rearranging my bedroom furniture, or making sure the table looked presentable for dinner hour with fancy napkins (ok, paper) and flowers.  From the McCall’s magazine (now you know my age!) I would cut out Betsy McCall and her little wardrobe.  But I wouldn’t stop there, I had to create a more complete wardrobe for her of my own creations. My energy and enthusiasm of colors and design became a passion for delightful pleasures of making anything from paper doll clothes to decorating the most beautiful volcano that erupts, for my school project! 

As I grew up, my parents would set us down and talk to my sister and I about how they met.  My Father, who was from the North and my Mother, who was from the South met while my father was in the Army. Once married, they moved to the North to be by my Father’s family.  As my sister and I grew, I sensed I was somehow “not in my element”.  I adored reading about the South and longed to see those known “Southern Plantations”. I guess I have some of my Mother’s “southern” in me!  Every time I turned around, I was constantly envisioning a new creation, blending my Northern influences with some Southern charm.

My studies in design, beginning in the North, gave way to an opportunity to work with a wonderful Design Team from Europe, which brought out the more eclectic side of me.  With these experiences and my career, I landed in the Southern States.  Watch out Scarlet, here I come!!

Blessed with a wonderful husband and family, I endeavored to take on the South with a Northern accent!!  Opening up to design and creative projects throughout the Southern States, I was able to exercise my talents and experiences many times over, and to share them with family, friends and clients.

As these experiences grew, so did my reflection on how style, décor and theme come into play with location, age group and influence.  It’s fascinating to watch how social stimulus (HGTV, magazines, your neighbor?) affects your choices in paint colors, themed furniture, fabrics and accessories. It also is fascinating to watch how blending these “influences” somehow becomes your “home or office personality”. I love it!

This is Why I do what I do!

Feel free to join me in my journey from past to present!