Summer Breeze

It’s official!  Summer is here! Let the new begin!


It is so exciting for us at CGI, this is where we help with Graduation Parties, Weddings, Private Pool Decorating, and remodeling/building new homes. Or just freshening up old looks to new inspired ideas!! 

As a Designer, summer brings a new level of transformations using natural beauty. We are impressed by the abundance of color in the summer that can be brought to our homes, inside and out.  Arrangements of red, yellow, orange and pink can change the room with one spot of vivid color and texture. 

I’ve been asked, “My room is all grey, cream and white year round, but I feel like I am missing something.  What can I do?” Don’t miss out on natural beauty!  Bring a small vase of a colorful arrangement on a table and see how the room will stay with it’s personality, but pop to announce the season!

Summer time gives us a chance to feel “the breeze” of a harmonious finish to the room.  Feel the softness that it reflects.  Look at how you can change the feel of a room with this one small gesture.

Enjoy the fresh scent of nature.  Not only does this make the room more “real”, but it also opens you up to how you can introduce specific colors to your already established palette. This can also guide you for future seasonal ideas.


Feel free to experiment with nature.  Nature has it’s own beauty that can empower the unexpected.


Enjoy the breeze!